Revolt in Yemen

The next arabic country has it´s revolt against the government. Today thousands of people start fighting for their rights. At least 2 people were killed. Yemen is located in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia.

We will keep you up to date about the next steps happend.

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  1. Perhaps you could discuss the status of hundreds of international hostages being held without access to medical care, limited food food and water or access to their families or international aid workers? I’m not sure what your background is, but I’d be interested in hearing what this new government intends to do to stop kidnapping and hostage taking of innocents if you have access to local media or sources familiar with local conditions. The majority of the hostages are from poor families from poor nations who cannot pay the pirates exborbiant ransom demands – it’s time this international humanitarian crisis received broad and sustained attention. If you can, please offer what information you have which might be helpful in shedding light on this area. Thanks.

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