Hostile Takeover

Private „security companies“ engage in the Somali Civil War

A notorious for years mercenary company will take in Somalia foot. To the urgent demands of the Somali Parliament, the so-called Transitional Federal Government (TFG) was added that a contract exists with the „security company“ Saracen International.

The majority of the deputies demanded that first of all, bring the agreement to immediately cease, as it was without the knowledge and consent of the Parliament was closed. The same „applies, according to Somali Member of Parliament for the cooperation of the TFG with at least five other international“ security companies.

That such a company called SKS is a ten-year contract the operation of the airport of the capital Mogadishu has been transferred. SKS is based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Premier Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who is only since October 2010 in the office and previously lived in the United States pushes the responsibility of his predecessor Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke. Not been informed, in stating that the content of the contract with Saracen International to be reached Mohamed, the parliament that he admitted four weeks time to clarify the facts.

What tasks Saracen International in Mogadishu – a lot further extends the jurisdiction of the transitional government currently does not – should take is not yet known for sure. According to initial information is in part to the formation of a special force to guard the presidential palace and to personal security for politicians and businessmen.

Payment will be made, „the firm’s activities in Somalia, allegedly from an unnamed“ Muslim nation. Behind it are expected either Saudi Arabia or the Emirates. This raises problems with the UN, for the training of military violates the 1992 on the country in the Horn of Africa imposed arms embargo.

Exceptions are possible only with UN approval. This would, however, the precise content of the agreement between TFG and Saracen International are also known as the donors. The anonymous benefactor will pay the rest of the salaries of two Americans who work as senior adviser to the interim government: Pierre Prosper, who was from 2001 2005 in charge under George W. Bush for the investigation of war crimes, and Michael Shanklin, who in the 90’s deputy chief of the CIA station in Mogadishu.

Already in early December 2010 was made famous officially that Saracen International also works for the regime of Puntland. The area belongs to Somalia under international law claims, but since 1998 a very large degree of autonomy, which amounts to a de facto statehood. The company will train 1,000 soldiers there. Supposedly this action against pirates in Puntland have their main bases. Its actual application, however, the Gilgal Mountains, where the regime is fighting local rebels for control of mineral deposits.

Saracen International was founded in the 1990s by former military and intelligence officials of the South African racist regime. Meanwhile, criminal groups in Uganda to General Salim Saleh, Consultant and half-brother of President Yoweri Museveni, heavily involved in the company. The company was material involved in the plunder of Congolese resources during the Ugandan military intervention in the neighboring country (1998-2003). Many Doctors starting a private initative to help the people.